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Green Gold Import & Export was established in 2019.
The system of investment in free zones within the Arab Republic of Egypt Enabling us to work in the field of food export to all countries of the world.
We are specialized in frozen fruits and vegetables. Due to the presence of the factory in Beni Suef governorate, which is about 120 km away from Cairo – and it is one of the governorates famous for producing the finest vegetables and fruits –  We are able to Manufacture and export since 2001 Due to our experience in the field of supply and manufacturing has been developed to the international scale (export).
The company is headquartered in Beni Suef governorate next to a vegetable and fruit factory for easy supervision and follow-up work.

The Company Has Many Accredited Certificates

We started long ago with the clear aim before our eyes which is to provide high quality healthy products at a low price of vegetables and fruits grown in Egypt and exported to the world.
We have been very successful in achieving this goal and have obtained many accredited certificates related to plantations and food products besides export certificates and quality certificates.
Our success depends on our outstanding team that strives to deliver frozen or fresh vegetables and fruits from the fertile Egyptian land that produces the highest quality agricultural crops in the world, to your place in the least time and at the lowest price.

We continuously strive to improve our services and means of communication with importers from all over the world and always take care and ensure the quality of our products that we offer to the world.

We have a long history of exporting fresh and frozen vegetables and fruits to countries such as Canada, European Union and Gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Jordan.

Customer Satisfaction

We know that excellence comes first from customer satisfaction.

Green Gold International Company is working with Various plantations and fruit-vegetables loading bases of Egypt. Plantations situated along Nile with the distance from Cairo like 50-100km what is allowing for Company workers regularly visit plantations for all container loading and making reservation of necessaries fruit volumes after receiving. Our plantations are very famous in Egypt as they are closer to Cairo.

As is generally known – there is not a single farm in Egypt that uses any chemicals as in Israel or Turkey for example. This is why the fruits and vegetables grown in Egypt are pure environmental products. Egypt’s climate promotes excellent harvesting of environmentally net products. This fact confirms the health certificate and if necessary with other certificates.

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